Outdoor Activities Leave Your Dog With A Sunburn? 4 Steps You Should Take To Alleviate The Discomfort

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner, but there are still a few warm days left to enjoy. If your dog spent a little bit too much time lounging in the sun and has a sunburn that needs tending to, you'll need to act fast. Sunburns can make your pet downright miserable. While most areas of your dog are protected from sunburns, areas like the nose, ears and belly are particularly susceptible to sunburn. Read More 

Making Sure Your Cat Is Getting A Full Dose Of Eye Ointment

Dosing a cat with eye ointment isn't the easiest thing in the world. However, like any medication, it's imperative that your cat is receiving a full dose of its ointment or there may be consequences. Read on to learn the easiest way to give your cat their eye ointment and the surest way to guarantee they're getting a proper dose. What Not To Do One of the most common mistakes that pet parents make when giving eye medication is measuring out the ointment, putting it on their hands, and then applying it to their pet. Read More 

Should Dogs Swim In The Pool?

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you no doubt thoroughly enjoy it all summer long. Your dog may also want to dive in with you, particularly water dogs like labrador retrievers. You may wonder if you should allow your pet into the pool, particularly chlorinated ones. In general, your pet can safely swim if you take certain precautions. Chlorine The chlorine in the swimming pool can be more irritating to your pet's eyes, ears, and nose than it is to yours. Read More 

Tips to Help You Manage Your Feline’s Asthma

Cats are susceptible to asthma, much like humans are. It may be tough to pinpoint the factors that cause symptoms to manifest in your feline, and most cats are quite isolative and secretive when hiding illness from the humans in the house. Watch for signs of asthma in your cat, and address issues around the home that could be contributing to their respiratory distress. Some signs of feline asthma include: Read More 

Basic Care For Pregnant Mares

If your horse becomes pregnant, it's time to take the necessary steps to make sure she has a comfortable and safe pregnancy. Proper care and nutrition are also essential for the health of the foal. Here is what you need to know about providing the right care for your mare while she is gestating. Protection From Danger As soon as you notice that your mare is pregnant, you should remove her from other horses that are not similar of familiar to her. Read More