Some Advantages Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Dog

It is embarrassing to invite guests to your home, only to have your dog attempt to hump their leg at every turn. Responsible pet owners spay and neuter their pets at around age six months, though many may do it even earlier if the pet is in good health. This simple act will reduce incidences of your dog trying to hump your leg, as well as urine marking, territorialism, and fighting.

Some other advantages of neutering your dogs that can make it easier for them to adapt to your family and lifestyle:

Don't be part of the problem. Do your part to prevent pet overpopulation. Each year, approximately 3.9 million dogs are abandoned at pet shelters in the US. Of these dogs, around 1.2 million are euthanized simply due to the fact that they can't be placed in homes.

Neutering often decreases overprotective behavior. Male dogs exhibit less overprotectiveness of their family, territory, and home after they have been neutered.

Keep the male visitors at bay. Male dogs can smell when your female is in heat and not spayed. This will lead them to congregate in your yard, at your door, or anywhere that they think she might be. This usually leads to fighting among the males, which could pose potential danger to any pets in the area.

Neutering reduces the risk of canine cancers. Neutering your dog reduces the risk that they will contract cancer. For instance, neutering male dogs can result in decreased risk of prostate or testicular cancer. Spaying your female dog can prevent uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer.

Stop the annoying licking. Does your dog drive you crazy with excessive licking? This often stops when your pet is spayed or neutered. But don't wait too long; once sexual behaviors are learned and acted-upon, it can be difficult to break your dog of these habits even after they have been neutered.

Castration can reduce aggression. Neutering your dog usually results in less aggression and biting. This behavior is more difficult to reduce, however, if you wait until the dog is one year or older.

The belief that neutering your dog will somehow change their personality is a myth. Neutering reduces sex-related behaviors, such as those mentioned. Spaying or neutering your dog is a sign of being a responsible and caring pet-owner.  If you will not be breeding your pet, talk with your veterinarian, such as Akaal Pet Hospital, about the best time to neuter to keep your dog healthy and happy.