3 Ways To Care For Your Aging Cat

One of the most difficult parts about having a cat is watching him or her age and begin to struggle with activities that used to be easy and simple. Listed below are three ways to care for your aging cat that can make his or her life much easier and more comfortable.

Assist With Grooming

One of the activities that an aging cat may begin to neglect is grooming, mostly because it can be extremely difficult and painful for him or her to reach every portion of his or her body to do a proper grooming job. In many cases, a cat that has begun neglecting grooming due to pain from arthritis will develop matted fur along his or her spine due to how difficult that area can be to reach when it is too painful to twist and bend. These mats can cause unpleasant itching and allergic reactions, and can even become a haven for fleas and other pests.

While you may already be grooming your cat regularly, you will want to increase your grooming frequency as the cat ages to combat the mats. You should consider grooming at least once or twice a day when you have a senior cat.

Purchase An Orthopedic Bed

Another way to help your aging cat deal with the aches and pains that age can often bring is to purchase an orthopedic bed. These beds are often made out of memory foam or other soft and supportive material that will take the pressure off of your cat's joints while he or she is sleeping, which will result in deeper and more restful sleep. The improved sleep will allow your cat to awaken with less pain and more energy. 

Consider Vitamin Supplements

Finally, you will want to consider purchasing vitamin supplements for your aging cat. The reason for this is that there are a number of vitamin supplements that can do everything from helping to keep eyesight sharp or to strengthen joints. For example, supplements with fish oil are often recommended to deal with painful inflammation as a result of arthritis and can make your aging cat much more comfortable. 

Contact a veterinarian like Clayton Veterinary Associates in order to discuss what you can do to keep your senior cat as comfortable and pain-free as possible for the rest of his or her life. By providing grooming assistance, an orthopedic bed, and vitamin supplements you can help deal with many of the issues that cats can develop as they age.