3 Ways To Help Speed Up Hair Growth After Your Cat Has Been Spayed

If you've recently had your cat spayed, it's likely that you're now responsible for helping her with recovery. While some vet offices are able to hold the cat for a week or longer while she heals, this can get expensive and makes it harder to spend time with your cat. If you're bringing your cat home and want to make sure that she recovers safely from being spayed, you'll want to look into what you can do to help with healing—specifically including her hair growth.

As you prepare for your cat being spayed, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that she can grow her hair back quickly and without irritation.

Dress Your Cat in an E-Collar or Coat to Prevent Overgrooming

When your cat begins to grow her hair back, it can result in her feeling itchier than normal. This can lead to your cat biting at her stomach while the hair tries to grow back. With this being the case, your cat could end up not growing her hair back at all, leaving a bald spot behind. While your cat won't be comfortable with an e-collar or coat being worn, these accessories can help prevent overgrooming so that the hair will grow back.

Try Calming Products to Soothe Your Cat

If your cat is feeling nervous after being spayed and are beginning to bite at her fur, it's a good idea to try out calming products. Products that you can use include everything from a pheromone plug-in for the wall to a calming gel that she can enjoy like a treat. These calming products have varying levels of success, making it a good idea to try several so that your cat can heal and her hair will grow back without trouble.

Keep Her Coat and Skin Healthy with Supplements

An easy way to ensure that your cat's hair grows back shiny and healthy is through using supplements. Many supplements are designed with the purpose of helping with hair growth, along with even caring for your cat's skin. In order for you to be sure that your cat's coat grows back nicely, you should experiment with supplements or even ask for advice from your vet for which ones to use.

If you're trying to help your cat recover after being spayed, you'll also want to consider what will go into making sure that her coat returns. With the above tips, you can make sure that her coat grows in shiny and healthy. Contact a clinic like Caring Hands Animal Hospital for more information.