Is a Lack of Free Time Making Your Dog Anxious? Take a Trip to the Vet to Come Up with a Solution

Committing yourself to a career that you are passionate about means that sometimes you will need to work long hours and extra days, and sometimes this can continue for several months. Unfortunately, trying to take care of your dog in the meantime can become a major challenge. If they are becoming destructive, engaging in behavior resulting in noise complaints, or causing problems with your other pets, you need to come up with a solution that puts an end to their unhealthy habits and guarantees their happiness. A trip to the vet is well worth considering because they can give you some tailored ideas.

Make Use of Daycare

The vet may figure the problem is behavioral and not related to an unknown medical issue. Behavioral issues could be occurring because you are not able to spend much time with the dog or because the dog isn't getting enough exercise. If your dog sits inside your apartment all day long, and you are unable to take them out during the day, they can easily resort to troublesome behavior because they are in need of physical stimulation. An excellent solution is to take your dog with you on your drive to work and drop them off at a doggy daycare place. A monthly package can range from $240 to $550, which is perfect for your extremely busy months.

Hire a Dog Walker

If the vet thinks that some of your dog's behavior can be attributed to unmet needs in regard to exercise and emotions, you should consider hiring a dog walker that can invest time and effort into getting to know your dog. They can become a "second owner" to your dog, who may end up changing their poor behavior in no time. This can become a little costly, as the average cost for a long walk of 30 to 40 minutes is $18 to $22. Hopefully, the extra time that you are putting in at work will help you afford this service on every work day.

Start Walking at Night

By the time you get home from work, you may feel pretty exhausted. But, this does not mean you cannot take your dog out for a walk, even if the typical owner goes for a morning or evening walk. It is possible to go out for a nighttime stroll,\; you just need to prepare for walking at such a time. The most important thing to consider is safety, which you can handle by getting a reflective collar and leash. Wearing bright-colored clothing and taking along a flashlight are also good pieces of advice.

Taking your dog to a local veterinarian organization such as After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic Inc will help you find a way to alleviate your dog's anxiety by helping you identify the cause. In most situations, you can incorporate some or all of the ideas above to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.