Outdoor Activities Leave Your Dog With A Sunburn? 4 Steps You Should Take To Alleviate The Discomfort

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner, but there are still a few warm days left to enjoy. If your dog spent a little bit too much time lounging in the sun and has a sunburn that needs tending to, you'll need to act fast. Sunburns can make your pet downright miserable. While most areas of your dog are protected from sunburns, areas like the nose, ears and belly are particularly susceptible to sunburn. Here are four steps you should take to relieve your dog's sunburn pain.

Apply a Cool Mist

If your dog has a minor sunburn, a cool mist can help relieve the discomfort. Fill a spray bottle with cool water and lightly mist the affected areas. Make sure your dog stays in the house until the burn subsides.

Let It Soak

If your dog is sunburned on its belly or paws, soaking in a tub of cool water will alleviate the pain. Fill the tub with cool water and add a cup of colloidal oatmeal. Place your dog in the tub and have it soak for at least 15 minutes. The colloidal oatmeal soak will not only dull the pain, but it will also reduce the inflammation that may accompany a serious sunburn. For continued relief, have your pet soak several times a day while the burn is still red and warm to the touch.

Reach for the Aloe Vera

If your dog has burns on its nose or ears, you'll need to go a different route when it comes to pain relief. That's where Aloe Vera comes in. Aloe Vera gel is available at most stores, including health food stores. Apply a generous amount of the gel to your dog's burns several times a day.

Contact the Vet

If your dog has a significant sunburn, you'll need to contact the veterinarian. This is particularly true if your dog is experiencing severe pain, the sunburn has blistered, or it is oozing. The veterinarian will be able to provide emergency care for the burns. It's important to note that repeated exposure to the sun can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer for your pet.

If your dog got a sunburn while playing outside, you'll need to provide care for the affected area. The tips provided here will help keep your dog comfortable while it heals. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about canine sunscreen protection.