Keep An Eye Out For These Symptoms Of Illness In Your Dog

Most pet owners treat their dogs as though they were members of the family. You probably feel the same way about your dog. You want your dog or any other kind of pet to live a long and healthy life. Just like a parent needs to recognize the symptoms and negative effects of disease and illness in their children, you will need to know the signs and symptoms in your dog so you can know when they are sick and when they will need to go to an animal hospital. Read More 

Caring For Your Senior Large Breed Dog

Senior dogs need special care, and caring for a large breed senior often poses unique challenges. A dog's life expectancy depends on many things including genetics, lifestyle, breed, nutrition, and environment. On average, large dogs live to be between nine and twelve years of age. There arelarge breeds that have average life expectanciesof seven years and those that are fourteen years. The one thing that's for sure is, senior dogs need love and care. Read More 

First Aid Response For Dehydration in Dogs

The hottest part of the summer is just around the corner. Dog owners should be aware of the risks for dehydration that the hot, dry weather brings. It's important that dog owners know how to identify, respond to, and--ideally--prevent dehydration to keep their pets healthy as the temperature rises.  Symptoms When dogs become dehydrated, they may show a variety of symptoms. Initially, they may pant excessively or make more noise than usual when breathing. Read More