Important Care Tips For Chinchilla Owners

Chinchillas are beautiful, exotic creatures that have found their way into the hearts of many pet owners. Chinchillas require a great deal of care, but every bit of it is well worth it. If you are considering a chinchilla as a pet, following these tips can help make it a great experience for you and your new furry friend. Locating An Exotic Veterinarian Is An Important First Step If you wait until your chinchilla is experiencing an issue like diarrhea or lethargy to find a vet, you may find that vet is not trained to treat your chinchilla. Read More 

Methods of Calming Your Pet Before an Acupuncture Session at the Vet

Taking your pet to a veterinarian who specializes in pet acupuncture can help the furry member of your family in a variety of ways, including with pain reduction. However, if your pet generally gets a little fussy when it's time to head to the vet, it may initially seem like a challenge to think about having the animal calm enough for an acupuncture session. Although the needles won't harm your pet, an anxious pet could be restless during the treatment, thus reducing its efficacy. Read More 

Three Good Reasons To Pass That Puppy Up And Adopt An Adult Dog Instead

Thinking of getting that puppy in the window? Here are several good reasons you may want to go past the puppy (even though he really is cute) and look at the adult dogs that are up for adoption instead. An adult dog might actually be a better fit for your family for a number of reasons. 1. An adult dog has a more predictable personality. Everyone is a little nervous when picking out a new dog for the family. Read More 

Preventing An Avian Emergency: 3 Bird-Specific Dangers Every New Parrot Owner Should Be Aware Of

Have you recently joined the ranks of first-time parrot ownership? If so, you're about to discover the uniqueness of caring for an avian companion and the potential dangers lurking within your home. Birds have specific requirements that set them apart from other pets such as cats and dogs, and they are subject to dangers unique to their species. As a new bird owner,  be aware of how boredom may lead to self destructive habits in a parrot, possibly leading to a pet emergency. Read More 

Some Advantages Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Dog

It is embarrassing to invite guests to your home, only to have your dog attempt to hump their leg at every turn. Responsible pet owners spay and neuter their pets at around age six months, though many may do it even earlier if the pet is in good health. This simple act will reduce incidences of your dog trying to hump your leg, as well as urine marking, territorialism, and fighting. Read More