Why Your Vet May Prescribe Antibiotics For A Viral Infection

If your cat or dog has come down with a viral infection like an upper respiratory virus or kennel cough, you may wonder why the veterinarian is suggesting antibiotics. Although human doctors rarely give patients antibiotics for viral infections, there's a good reason for pets to receive them. Read on to learn why vets do this and why you should follow their directions. Antibiotics Don't Treat Viruses First and foremost, you may or may not know that antibiotics have no effect on viral infections. Read More 

3 Ways To Care For Your Aging Cat

One of the most difficult parts about having a cat is watching him or her age and begin to struggle with activities that used to be easy and simple. Listed below are three ways to care for your aging cat that can make his or her life much easier and more comfortable. Assist With Grooming One of the activities that an aging cat may begin to neglect is grooming, mostly because it can be extremely difficult and painful for him or her to reach every portion of his or her body to do a proper grooming job. Read More 

Warning Signs That Your Outdoor Cat Has Been Poisoned

Your cat loves to go outdoors and investigate the yard. Unfortunately, this puts them more at risk for getting into something that can poison them. From a dead mouse full of chemicals to spilled antifreeze on the driveway, the world is full of potential toxins to your cat. Here are some of the ways that your cat can become poisoned and the signs to watch for that you need to make an emergency trip to a local animal hospital like Centennial Animal Hospital. Read More 

Is a Lack of Free Time Making Your Dog Anxious? Take a Trip to the Vet to Come Up with a Solution

Committing yourself to a career that you are passionate about means that sometimes you will need to work long hours and extra days, and sometimes this can continue for several months. Unfortunately, trying to take care of your dog in the meantime can become a major challenge. If they are becoming destructive, engaging in behavior resulting in noise complaints, or causing problems with your other pets, you need to come up with a solution that puts an end to their unhealthy habits and guarantees their happiness. Read More 

Helping Your Cat Relieve Themselves Of Depression With Natural Remedies

If you own a cat, and you noticed they are not acting enthusiastic with frolicking play as they did in the past, you may wonder if they are suffering from depression. Like people, pets like dogs and cats also suffer from this condition when there are outside influences causing a change in their normal way of life. Here are some tips you can use to help your cat feel a bit better with help from natural methods during a change such as the addition of a new member of the family, a death of a loved one, or a move to a new home. Read More